Well I should probably start off by introducin' myself... cant really give away my true name so ill give ya my alias instead. Owl, at your service. Now don't go thinkin' I'm gonna turn into some sorta Merc, but boy am I good with a pistol! worst thing is you wont even see me coming! I've been practicing my sneak skills since the day we entered vault 76! My main goal once my boots hit the West Virginia soil is to build and maintain my own Saloon. The Piercing Antler Saloon! At first we will most likely be stationed south-east of the vault hidden within the forest.

You'll know when ya find us, just keep that name a ringin' in your head "The Piercing Antler Saloon" till' ya find it. We'll have the finest items to fit your fancy! we'll sell anything from weapons and booze to Armor and food. Just say the word and ill hit ya with an ice cold Nuka-cola on the house!

And it wont just be me! ill have 2 to 3 other trustworthy vault dwellers to help me build our very own town! So you'll know when ya see it baby! Wanna be apart of this? just let your ol' friend Owl know! We're accepting allies to build upon our trading/gathering empire.

Owl, signing off,