One minute I'm having a beer in my favorite tavern and the next I'm laying on some beach. Still had my clothes on, thank god.
The beach doesn't seem familiar and I frequent the beaches near my home. This place was different. Frank the barkeep must be playing some trick on me. Must of gave me his strongest ale without knowing. Still doesn't explain why I don't recognize the beach. Hold on I think I see something...
Is that.... Is that a dodo???!!! What the? And a triceratops? Ok what is going on? Am I still drunk? Was I drugged?
I've heard stories and I've seen paintings of these creatures but I thought they were just that, Stories. I'm definitely not home. Where the hell am I?
Well the dodos friendly. Came right up to me. Fed it some berries I saw nearby. The thing won't leave me alone now. Guess I made a new friend. It's just you and me bud. Lets explore this place and see where I am.
-Dodos are a girls best friend-