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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jul 16, 16
If XPG has any Jedi or Sith running around in a Multiplayer Game, you'll find anything you need to know about it here.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jul 7, 18
The XPG Jedi encyclopedia...
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Feb 8, 17
The XPG Sith encyclopedia for those who favor the Dark Side.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Feb 6, 17
Most of us are way too into the weapons in the Star Wars we started an encyclopedia-type forum for weapons also.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Feb 25, 16
Star Wars Lore
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The Force is strong in...everyone in this forum.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jan 22, 16
It's just the Force...well all that the XPG members know about the Force.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jan 25, 16
The Force is strong one in this forum.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 May 28, 18
To better understand Star gotta know how each pivotal character was fighting...because yea...there was a method to it.
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jul 3, 15
The Lightsaber...need I say more?
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By [MGR] WolfJack34 Jul 5, 15
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