[overseers terminal]
[subject: owl]

Owl was born in vault 76 about 7 years after The Great War. Growing up, he took a keen interest in other people's business. Snooping and sneaking have always been his main specialty. However back when he was younger, he was very antisocial and awkward. He has mostly kept to himself throughout our time here, barely saying a word. But just cause he doesn't talk doesn't mean he's not worth anything! I've never seen someone handle a sidearm with more finesse. Hell, to me he makes 'Owl’ and pistol rhyme.

Recently he started talking! At 18! I'm guessing the thought of that vault door screeching open got into his head. Kid made a few friends and has plenty of plans of his own to share. He's putting up flyers about a ‘Saloon’. Oh the places you'll go.

I have no doubt he'll survive out there, as long as he's got his friends to help him out. Just hope he doesn't drink as much out there as he does in here!