Anyways, we’ve only opened the vault door three times in the last decade, a few fellow humans ended up surviving the blasts and made their way halfway up the mountain just to bang their fists on our big steel door. I say humans because each of them still had most of their body and skin intact. However their DNA did not draw such a lucky card, two out of the three had minor mutations such as an extra finger and a few more teeth than usual. If i'm honest, when i met Buck Peterson, a 20 year old mechanic, the side effects from the radiation caused his wisdom teeth to grow out completely. All four. Nothing our doctors couldn't handle… just something we’d never seen before. For anyone else, having all four of your wisdom teeth fully grow out would be one of the most painful things you could ever experience. But with buck he didn't feel a thing, and more anomalies such as no shifting of the teeth and extended canines.

Judith harrison, a ten year old girl was our other lucky survivor. She somehow developed a fully functioning clone of her index finger but it grew between her pointer and thumb. I would have tried to convince her to keep the fully functioning finger if it didnt grow in such an inconvenient place on her hand. Regardless they were brought down to the medical bay for immediate surgery and treatment. After the both successful surgeries I had my scientists take the mutations to study over in the lab . We’re nearing the third year since we fixed them up so i'm hoping i get to see a bit of research progress before the big 45 door opens for good. I'd like to be prepared for whatever sicknesses are cooking up in the wastes. Buck likes to tell stories of his journey to The Big 45 to the younger dwellers and whoever will listen. Giant mutated bears, robots, two headed cows, and not another human in sight. Just never got around to asking him how the hell he survived the bombs, now that i think about it, neither of them ever explained how they survived.

The third time we opened the door, it was about 2 am and there was this constant banging that just kept going on and on. I let the dwellers decide amongst themselves as to whether we open the door or not. Being the brave souls they think they are, they told me to open the door and I did so. When the seal broke and the door screeched open we were met with a shimmering star filled sky. Not a cloud in the atmosphere, the burnt up trees leading up to the vault door being the only thing blocking our view. However no one was there, not even a body… I could see the lights on the massive concrete chimneys blinking over the Laramie River Power Plant. To this day I have no damn clue how that things still running. At the time I just assumed whoever or whatever it was got scared and ran off. But after a decade of thinking lets just say i have my own theories. There's an intercom on the outer wall of the vault door frame, the noises I heard a hushed voice, speaking in whispers too quiet to hear.

As far as i know, they didn't station many vaults in wyoming and due to that I can pretty much run this place however I want. No boundaries besides the leave date, but even then we don't necessarily have to leave. At least that's what Braun told me. I Believe the closest one from The Big 45 has to be Vault 0 over in Colorado. I'm not really supposed to talk about that one though. Guess its something a lot more serious than the preservation of humanity. Wish there was some more information about the other vaults in this terminal. Guess its too late to start wishing.