Welcome to Experience Gaming!

   Experience Gaming is a group developed by gamers that want to push the bar of what it means to Experience Gaming. To take intellectual thought, creativity, and the content of this website to take what we do in multiplayer video games to a level unlike any other. We are looking for mature gamers looking to help develop several popular titles on the Xbox One. We participate in role play, milsim, reviewing, blogging, and just all things gaming. We have social media, news feeds, and there is always something in the works.  We keep news updates moving, movies being produced, and even streaming.  We also have graphic designers and are always looking for media people as well as website designers. If you see something you like, join XPG and apply for it. We are ever-evolving, and I welcome new games and ideas. Hope to speak with all of you soon and I look forward to seeing how all of you Experience Gaming.

   Our mission is to provide a safe place for gamers to play games at a level where you can truly get into your games. We work to give you a place where you can find scheduled activities and sessions as well as look for people to play with. We research our games extensively to provide unique stories and plots based on the games themselves. We organize groups based on game lore to give all a place to nerd out on their games. And that's just the beginning...we have a lot developing in a few games and outside of games in forums and galleries. Just take a look around and let XPG show you what it is all about.

--You can be a cop in GTA along with many other possibilities like gang activity and even business ownerships.

-- You can be a Police Officer, be in the Military, be a Doctor or just a normal civilian all helping to rebuild New York City after the "Green Poison" Virus in The Division.

--We are working in Battlefield so members can be "XPG Soldiers" and development is even happening for these soldiers in other military-style shooter games like Metal Gear Online and Battlefront.

--We are developing an ARK Tribe for all sorts or survival, life simulations, PVP, and even for people to build in XPG just to show off their ARK Architectural ability.

--You can even take yourself to Mundus and join the war of the Second Era and fight alongside Guildmates in The Elder Scrolls Online. We have a guild that is working towards being able to produce all crafting services and becoming a force to be reckoned with in Cyrodiil.

--There are also plenty of opportunities to just contribute to the gaming world. We want to give people a place to read about games and people's gaming experiences.

--We are working on Blogs and Review pages, as well as gaming news and movie productions for Youtube and Twitch. If you like writing skits, acting in them, producing movies, or making "game movies" then we have the foundations for you to work with.

--Now including Fallout 4 Console Modding to help the Xbox One console Mod Authors get their work out there.

     We try to cover as many bases in gaming that we can and we provide the place for you to participate in any way possible. There is room for designers who work graphics made from video games, FAQ forums for people who need to ask gaming questions or might be able to provide answers. We encourage all nerds to go all out, if you just want to ramble about games or nerd out on your knowledge of them, we have provided the tools and a brotherhood of gamers that will go just as hard and more importantly appreciate your dedication to the gaming world. We have lain the ground work for all kinds of gaming activity and the door is open to mature hardcore gamers. And if all else fails, we at XPG will try to provide you with a place to find other people to game with that won't make you regret ever picking up your controller. So come check out all the pages of the website and make yourself at home, and if you have any questions post them on the wall or contact Management. We are all here to help, and the mission is to Experience Gaming, we have the tools so go find your Experience.

Below you can find the general XPG Code of Conduct for all activities and webpages associated with XPG:

See GTAXP COC Here!!!

Code of Conduct

We are a gaming community of all kinds of people of various ages, cultures, beliefs. Simple...respect is the point underneath everything. Respect all people you interact with and the identity of XPG at all times when you participate in XPG activity. 

If you are a part of game activity within XPG, you will need to look at that game's specific COC as we enforce the rules in our sessions to the best of our ability to ensure that all can share in the true gaming experience.

Don't give undue criticism...if it's a personal opinion, please keep it to yourselves and just focus on the game. If you have a problem with a person, PRIVATELY go to Management about it.

All the things that you hate other people doing in Multiplayer Games...Don't do those thing here....no griefing, trolling, spamming, or glitching. We are trying to create controlled atmospheres where people can ALWAYS have friends to play games with in a safe, controlled environment.

Know the basics of your game if you are involved with game activity, stick to the lore and whether it be role play, military simulation, or activity in any game...respect the XPG lore attached to that game. Don't break out of character, and don't break the structure of said game activity while participating.

XPG will not tolerate discrimination of any sort towards anyone. We will not tolerate anyone making people feel uncomfortable because of their race, sex, sexual preference, religion, political views, or personal beliefs. 

Do not put offensive content within the pages of XPG.

If you are a member that likes to post in our forums, create your own content. We are consistent in checking our threads and will not allow stolen content. Be creative and come up with your content, or don't post anything at all.

This is a mature community, but abusive or obscene pictures or threads will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Respect the "Open Door Policy" which means that if you have an issue, you take it to your immediate Supervisor or Manager. If the problem is not solved, go to that member's Manager. Don't skip through the Management, honor the XPG Chain of Command.

Samuel Gregory (SamGregImmortal)

Experience Gaming Founder/Owner