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If you're seeing this and you're looking for info about the Colonizing The ARK, you can find it all on the ARK Server page along with some small stuff from other crafting games XPG is looking to work in. But for some details that may help you get started.

- The Community Center is directly beside the blue obelisk platform and is where you probably want to start. Spawn in on Tropical South and head there for starter gear and if you are in need of a starter tame, message one of the administrators and we will provide them for you. 

- The City Hall where we have meetings and gatherings is on the the river between Jungle Mid and Jungle South in one of the sets of ruins and not far from it is the police station. The police station is recruiting for people wanting to roleplay as officers as well as provide server security.

- There are embassies being built all over the map for the sake of helping new survivors and making sure the Empire has a pressence everywhere.

- An arena is in the works on one of the islands between the Tropics and the Jungle Islands.

- Make sure to read through the rules posted on the ARK Server page. There is 0 tolerance for breaking any rules.

- On the islands between the Tropics and the Jungle Islands, you can find two merchant guilds that are recruiting.

- There is an antagonist Kingdom developing on the Lava Island, more info to come as it develops.

- There is also a Kingdom developing in the Arctic area near the Penguin Pond as well as another trader's guild. 

- There store going to be available soon with a host of cool packs and items that you will be able to buy with real cash to help fund the server and future servers or with the in-game currency which will be the Berrybush Seeds. More info to come on that as its completed.

- If you would like to support XPG and our endeavors to host roleplay, survival, and building servers...check out our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/xpg

Check out some Let's Builds and Completionist stuff that I've been getting into....and show a small content creator some love and throw us some likes, subs, and maybe a few shares?

Check out some new Bethesda series that I've got a lot of time and mods invested in!!

Skyrim SE - "Zaine's Story"

Fallout 4 - "Let's Build an Empire"