Recruiting for Black Desert Xbox

Black Desert Xbox is definitely one that offers more with friends. If you're into the PvP element, or just need a crew to help answer questions, message me on Xbox. (GT: SamGregImmortal) I'm going to be doing roleplay stories for the characters above (and probably more) since this one offers a lot in the way of roleplay life skills that can be part of your grind. We've got three families to start a guild. The Vercetti family (above) that's all about trade empires and commerce, the Gaykun family of mercenaries focused on Combat, and the Daemon family focused on Magic and Enchanting. We're trying to cover all the bases to build a guild that can help people just make it through the grind, but also make money and wage war. We're pushing those numbers so that we can hit the PvP scene with a decent start and go head first into the node wars. So if you think any of these things would appeal to you, just shoot me a message and we'll get you contracted into the guild.

"Be Your True Self"

XPG 2019

So we've gotten really creative with what's going on in WCW. We've got two tournaments going to find the best of DC and Marvel within our Roster. Check out the lineup, and the video for the first matches of the quarter finals.

And the WCW event where the quarter finals start...

This is the start of the of XPG WWE Fantasy Universe

Smackdown Title Matches

Raw Title Matches

Looking for a safe and well managed cluster? Are you a builder, or a roleplayer? Maybe you're just someone who enjoys getting into the ARKs, but can't play 9 hour a day, 7 days a week and wants somewhere that you don't have to worry about.

Unless you are looking for hardcore PvP, then my little cluster might be somthing that'll interest you. Two 20 slots on the Isand and one of Ragnarok...and I'm looking to populate with characters to help bring the world to life. If any of this interests you, send me a message on Xbox Live (SamGregImmortal) and be sure to check out the rules and extended rates here in the ARK Forums.

Call this a little teaser for the host of tour videos coming to our Youtube channel. I've got tons of builds from the Center, the Island, Ragnarok, and soon to come...Extinction. If you have any ideas or want to see something built, let me know and I'll get to building and get it on the channel.

If you're interested in joining our roleplay and building cluster, you can find info and rules, rates, stories, etc on site.  Hope you enjoy the builds and I want to compliment Aaron Longstaff and Neebs Gaming for inspiration and tutorials for some of the builds you'll see.

Check out some new Bethesda series that I've got a lot of time and mods invested in!!

Skyrim SE - "Zaine's Story"

Fallout 4 - "Let's Build an Empire"

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