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Welcome to the Colonizing The ARK Server!!

Server info can be found in the ARK forums.

Community Center located on Tropical Island South at the Blue Obelisk. You can get starter gear here, as well as use the crafting tables to get started. You can also use the CC as refuge until you have a settlement. This is an Imperial Zone thus conflict will not be tolerated.

Join our Imperial Role Play server and get to know the community, check out the guilds and settlements and start your story on The Center. Looking for tamers, hunters, traders, and much more. There is a merchants guild and a police division already developing and the land is ready for more creative minds to join our coloniztion.

Our server is Nitrado hosted with 20 slots, I'd like to increase the slots and start working on getting other maps for a cluster so we can expand on the realms we can colonize. If you're interested in helping with the funding of the server and this endeavor, head over to our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/xpg

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to seeing our Colonization of the ARKs.

Check out www.youtube.com/c/ExperienceGaming to see the whole series as Leon attempts to Colonize all of the ARKs.
The Focus is now The Center ARK and I have rented a 10 slot Nitrado Unofficial PC Hosted Server for us to build and role play in. There's a lot of potential for building, events and just incredible experiences. Rules are on the ARK page along with an impressive gallery and more. So check it out and get involved. Upload your photos, share you Experience and let's build and ARK worth remembering.

To help with funding for role play servers in games like ARK and Conan Exiles, check out www.patreon.com/xpg

Server Info: Unofficial PC Hosted-PvP-The Center

Name: Colonizing The ARK

Password will be given after application and review from XPG Admin

Check out some Let's Builds and Completionist stuff that I've been getting into....and show a small content creator some love and throw us some likes, subs, and maybe a few shares?

Check out some new Bethesda series that I've got a lot of time and mods invested in!!

Skyrim SE - "Zaine's Story"

Fallout 4 - "Let's Build an Empire"

Tell me what you want to see me make more clips in!!