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Call this a little teaser for the host of tour videos coming to our Youtube channel. I've got tons of builds from the Center, the Island, Ragnarok, and soon to come...Extinction. If you have any ideas or want to see something built, let me know and I'll get to building and get it on the channel.

If you're interested in joining our roleplay and building cluster, you can find info and rules, rates, stories, etc on site.  Hope you enjoy the builds and I want to compliment Aaron Longstaff and Neebs Gaming for inspiration and tutorials for some of the builds you'll see.

If you're seeing this and you're looking for info about the Colonizing The ARK, you can find it all on the ARK Server page along with some small stuff from other crafting games XPG is looking to work in. But for some details that may help you get started.

-There are three Servers...The Center...Ragnarok...and Extinction. Once you apply, you'll be given the proper information on how to join the servers. I'm open to more servers if more funding becomes available or I became more able to fund adding slots and maps.

-The Imperial City is the Center Server. You'll find embassies dotted all over the map belonging to the Empire, as well as the Imperial Prison, the Arena, the Imperial Military, and more. Events will generally be hosted on this server.

- Make sure to read through the rules posted on the ARK Server page. There is 0 tolerance for breaking any rules.

- You can find info on who's in the ARK servers and what their tribe names are on the Member Database/Calendar page.

- I'm looking at some of our funding members to possibly develop Kingdoms on allocated plots of land for the sake of PvP events and for recording/streaming. More info to come.

- If you would like to support XPG and our endeavors to host roleplay, survival, and building servers...check out our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/xpg

Check out some new Bethesda series that I've got a lot of time and mods invested in!!

Skyrim SE - "Zaine's Story"

Fallout 4 - "Let's Build an Empire"